Patios and Paving

Patios and Paving

Whether it’s a Patio repair, Repointing or a whole new outside area, when you are spending your hard earned money on your new outside space, you want to know it is being done right! Please take a look at some of our patio and paving work and see the work involved in doing it right.

Excavation involves digging down approximately 175mm in preparation for the sub base.

A sub base of Type 1 MOT crushed Limestone is then laid and compacted to a thickness of at least 100mm. We don’t use broken bricks or other rubbish in your patio base.

Once the base is ready, we start to lay your new paving on a solid 50mm mortar bed. We don’t cut corners by laying the slabs on spots of mortar, this would only lead to rocking slabs in the future.


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